Jeerleader FAQ

2020 Jeerleader FAQ

Who are the Jeerleaders?

We’re an all-gender, body-positive dance squad who cheers on Gotham Roller Derby at their home games. We’d love for you to join us!

What do you mean ‘jeering’? Are we jeering at the other teams?

While we are jeerleaders in name, we are cheerleaders in all other capacities. We’re all about good vibes and friendly competition!  

Do you dance on skates?

Not as jeerleaders. Some of us can skate, and we’ve had several alumni jeerleaders join Gotham’s teams, but we prefer to dance, in…. flat shoes. 

Are all the Jeerleaders women? Are you okay with trans and non-binary Jeerleaders?

We have Jeerleaders of all genders, so no matter how you identify, you’ll probably have a person like you on the team. What we’re looking for is enthusiasm and love for the sport. We’re open to everyone and every body, and we strive to have our squads reflect the amazing diversity that New York City has. Gotham Roller Derby has had a long history of being committed to inclusivity and we are proud to follow their example and represent folx of any and all identities.

What is the time commitment to be a Jeerleader?

Teams rehearse at Ripley Grier in Midtown for two weeks before each game: Mondays from 7pm-9pm and Wednesdays 7pm-10pm. Wednesday rehearsals are longer for dress rehearsals and to have time for more thorough reviews. We also come early the day of the game for set-up and last minute rehearsals in the space. There are other optional events that happen through our home team season, like the Mermaid Parade. You can be involved in extra events when you want, or skip them entirely.

The home team season is 7 games, so there’s a game about once a month, March through August, and they’re always on Saturdays. We ask that you come for all the games that your team is scheduled for, and there’s the possibility that you can sub in for other squads. Most of our games were at John Jay for 2019, but we also have one doubleheader game at Coney Island each year.

How much is this going to cost me?

Dues for the 2019 season were $150 per person, which covers rehearsal space, website dues, candy that we give out during games and other miscellaneous costs. In addition to annual dues, first-year jeerleaders are also responsible for purchasing their uniforms (home and travel team) and pom poms (home and travel team). These costs vary year to year and team to team, but the average cost for new equipment in 2019 was $80 for poms and $ 140 for uniforms.

I’m in for tryouts! What should I wear? And what should I wear to practice?

Wear whatever you think will be comfortable for you to dance in. Most people wear workout clothes and sneakers.

I live in (boro). Does that automatically mean I’ll be jeering for (boro)’s team?

Not necessarily. Teams get drafted depending on which teams need people that year. Your preferences are also taken into account when we can. We want you to love your team and love your experience jeering!

Do I get a cool Roller Derby name? Can I pick it?

Yep and….yep.

Do you have mascots? Can I be the mascot for my favorite team?!

If you’ve got a great idea, we’d love to hear it! You can come to us at tryouts, or email at