So… You’re a cheerleader?
No… We’re JEERleaders! But, we do have pompoms! We dance. We taunt. We get the crowd chanting at all Gotham Roller Derby events.

Do you get paid?
Nope. We do this for the pure love of roller derby and because we are the ultimate Gotham fans! In fact, we put our own money forward to rent rehearsal spaces, purchase materials to make signs, and buy our uniforms and equipment.

What do you do with the money raised at your fundraisers?
15% of all money raised goes back to support the Gotham Roller Derby league. The rest is used entirely to fund our travel to cheer on the Gotham travel team at away games and to fund other jeerleader group expenses. As mentioned above, we put our own money forward for the majority of our costs.

How can I become a sponsor / donate money?
We love our sponsors! You can sponsor us by giving us relevant group discounts or by donating prizes to our fundraiser events. We use these items as prizes for raffles and silent auctions. If you would like to help sponsor one of our events, please contact us!

Will you perform at my event?
Possibly. Please contact us with information about your event. We love to perform, but we like to keep things relevant and always PG-13. And please be sure to contact us with enough notice that we will have enough time to coordinate what you are looking for (keeping in mind that our dance routines require about four rehearsals (eight plus hours) to create, learn, and drill.

Can you tell me more about the Gotham Roller Derby?
Sure, we LOVE Gotham and could talk about them all day! But you should be able to find out all the info you need about them on their website.

How can I become a Gotham Jeerleader?
We generally hold tryouts at the end of each season. What we’re looking for is enthusiasm and love for the sport. We’re open to everyone and every body, and we strive to have our squads reflect the amazing diversity that New York City has. We welcome folx of all shapes and sizes, age 21 or older, who have some form of coordination, love to dance, and who are passionate about roller derby. Previous cheer and dance experience is preferred, but certainly not required. Duties as a Jeerleader will generally include performing at 4-5 bouts a season, purchasing your own uniform and equipment, participating in our fundraising events, and being involved with your individual squad by helping to make signs and other projects to help motivate the crowd and your team. Contact us for more information or to be put on a contact list so that you can find out more about upcoming tryout dates. Being a Jeerleader is an awesome and fun way to show your love for the Gotham Roller Derby!

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