Jeerleader Hall of Fame

Ada Zee – Bomb Squad
Carrie Berator – Bomb Squad
Mary Tyler More More MORE! – Backseat Betties
Minnie Pearl Haggard – Royal Pains
Pandora Fox – Backseat Betties
Sleazy Anna Purchase – Backseat Betties
Lolita Ford – Royal Pains

Retired Jeerleaders
Amy Finehouse-Royal Pains
Angela Slamsbury – Royal Pains
Audrey Scorne – Jailhouse Rockettes / Bomb Squad
Audrey Tattoo- Backseat Betties
BMX Bettie – Backseat Betties
Big Toot – Bomb Squad
Boogie Down Blaise – Backseat Betties
Boogie Knight – Bomb Squad
Bronxie Heart-Backseat Betties
Brooklyn Babydoll – Bomb Squad
Bruise Lee- Backseat Betties
Candi Chaos – Backseat Betties
Candy Crush – Bomb Squad
Casey Clutchburn/Skin Diesel – Backseat Betties
Coco Bombshell – Jailhouse Rockettes
Connie Sewer – Backseat Betties
Cyndi Slaughter – Jailhouse Rockettes / Backseat Betties
Deathel Merman – Royal Pains
Dorothy Zborsmack – Royal Pains
Emily the Strangler- Royal Pains
Feara Lynn – Bomb Squad
Fifi Fleshwound – Jailhouse Rockettes
Freddie Murdery – Royal Pains
Golda Mae Fear – Royal Pains
Incub!tch – Bomb Squad
Jane Bondage – Royal Pains
Jenny From the Cell Block – Jailhouse Rockettes
Jenny Jawbreaker – Bomb Squad
Kandy Killa – Royal Pains
Kat Kadillac – Jailhouse Rockettes
Katy Bury – Jailhouse Rockettes
Killy Kapowski – Royal Pains
Kimmy Danger – Royal Pains
Kris Kris Bang Bang – Backseat Betties
Lady Copafeel – Royal Pains
Laurena Bomb-It – Bomb Squad
Lizzie Warden- Jailhouse Rockettes
Marilyn Monroadrage – Jailhouse Rockettes
Mancrusher Mica – Bomb Squad
Naut Nice – Bomb Squad
PocaHauteAss – Backseat Betties
Relent-Lyss – Jailhouse Rockettes
Roberta Goulet – Royal Pains
Rosalind Hustle – Bomb Squad
Rotten to the Core-Y – Backseat Betties
Sandra Day O’Bomber – Jailhouse Rockettes
Sassypants – Bomb Squad
Shady Gaga – Jailhouse Rockettes
Shank the Skank – Bomb Squad
Slay Anything – Bomb Squad
Stella Angel – Royal Pains
Suki Tawdry – Bomb Squad
Sugar Rush – Bomb Squad
Teeny Radkiller – Bomb Squad
Trixie Torque-Backseat Betties
Tyra Shanx – Jailhouse Rockettes
The Ace of Hurts – Bomb Squad
Urbana Sprawl – Royal Pains

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