WIP Wrecker

WIP Wrecker (she/her)

Pit Crew Co-Captain
Fundraising & Uniforms

Yes I really do need to make a trip to the craft store for more yarn. No I don’t already have that color.

Likes: Crocheting, dancing, visiting the yarn aisle in craft stores, salted caramel, dogs, going to the theater, physical books over digital ones, storage containers, organization
Dislikes: People who tell me that I don’t really need more yarn, people who ask me “Isn’t that the same color you already have?”, complicated patterns, people who tell me I don’t need more books, being late, “organized chaos”

Bio: Always found with a hook and at least one ball of yarn everywhere she goes, WIP Wrecker usually has at least one project in progress and hundreds more planned. She hopes some day to sell her creations at a craft fair but for now she is happy gifting them to friends and family. If you ever need to find her, she is either roaming the yarn aisles of a craft store or organizing her yarn stash to make it appear smaller than it really is.