Intrusive Thot

Intrusive Thot (they/them)

Co-Head Jeerleader

Try getting me out of your head. 😛

Likes: Big dogs, communication, abolition, healing, feelings, making art, reality television, elaborate dinner parties, astrology
Dislikes: Transphobia, racism, bugs, getting stuck on the subway, people who “don’t believe” in astrology

Bio: Ex-professional ballerina turned poly-affirming therapist (no I can’t be yours), Intrusive Thot is jazzed to be back for another season, and for the opportunity to partner with Little Mary Switchblade as Co-Head Jeerleaders! In their spare time they enjoy walking (or being walked) by their Very Large Pitbull Momo, binge watching Vanderpump Rules, painting and embroidery.