Fleur de Kalis

Fleur de Kalis (she/her

Mayhem Misfits Co-Captain

Nurture your garden, nurture your soul

Likes: Art galleries, most animals, botanical gardens, spas, nature hikes, skating, traveling, Belle Hooks books, disco balls, technology, sunny days, yoga, kayaking, flowers, mezcal margaritas, fashion, a good sense of humor, caffeine
Dislikes: Pests, trash, overly processed foods, gloomy weather, bullies, not having my hair done, low vibrational energy

Bio: Meet the Disco-loving Southern Belle with a passion for city living. When she’s not deeply engrossed in VFX projects, you’ll find her savoring upscale cuisine, wandering the city streets with her loyal four-legged friend, Janet Jackson, and prioritizing her “almost” daily dose of yoga.