Dental Damn

Dental Damn


“Serenity Now… Insanity Later!”

Likes: improv comedy, the flavor blue, parrots, ramen, borscht, sunflower seeds, alka seltzer, reading, art, milk chocolate, alliteration, haikus, labor unions, rose water, stationery, package design, therapy, pockets.

Dislikes: Thunder, lightning, balloons, coconut, citrus, prepositions, fractions, fascism, gravity, roaches, capitalism, odd numbers, non-functional zippers, stomachaches from eating too much blue candy.

Dental Damn is a first-generation bi-racial queer robot from Queens. When they are not having an existential crisis, they make collages and volunteer at a zine library. Mx Dental Damn is an avid pen-pal/ snail mail enthusiast who has an extensive collection of skulls and Frida Kahlo items.