Sativa Dive

Sativa Dive (she/they)


Burn Brightly

Likes: Horror movies, making homemade pasta, long walks with my dog through the city, citrus, bright colors, pink and orange, sparkles, glitter, rainbows, being gay, being in nature and around plants, Christmas, reading, stargazing, the first sip of coffee in the morning
Dislikes: All forms of system oppression: fuck white supremacy, capitalism, colonialism, the patriarchy, compulsive heterosexuality, ableism, also onions

Bio: The Sativa Diva can often be found lounging in Prospect Park on a blanket with her eyes to the sky. Her loyal dog Honey is sure to accompany her wherever she goes, and with their powers combined they can growl and scare cis-men catcalling women on the street! When Sativa’s not crafting homemade candles she’s spending time with her partner and friends, watching movies and feeding them tasty little treats.