La Llorona

La Llorona (she/her)


Likes: Cats, ginger ale, bread, tiny versions of things, when bus drivers say hi to each other when they drive by, auntie anne’s cinnamon bites, sushi, when movies play bloopers at the end, when dogs give the side-eye, knitting & crochet, bookstores & libraries, handwritten letters, stickers, cute socks, the moon, trinkets, art history, garlic
Dislikes: Cold weather, raisins, worms, snakes, when bugs fall on their backs and their tiny little legs flail around, being late, mean people, the united states of america, tummy aches, headaches, walking behind a slow person, having to wake up early, when the wind turns my umbrella inside out, men

Bio: La Llorona comes from the beautiful land of Dominican Republic and fittingly enjoys summertime and warm weather. When she’s not spending long days working as a dialysis nurse, she can most often be found hanging out with her cat and collecting a new hyperfixation every two to three months.