Laurena Bomb-It – Retired

P1220498_retouchLaurena Bomb-It


Likes: Cartwheels, the ocean, Brooklyn, margaritas and cats.

Dislikes: Tardiness, track cuts, the L train during rush hour.

Bio: Born along the beaches of southern New Jersey, Ms. Bomb-It spends her summers swimming laps in the surf of Coney Island, stealing the hearts of sailors and sirens who dare cross her path. Laurena spends her days fighting to end homelessness and her free time shaking her pom-poms or killin’ it on 8 wheels. Most of her youth was spent at the local roller skating rink on the weekends with friends and taking acrobatics classes after school. One day the idea bombed on her to combine her enthusiasm for derby with pom-pom’s, and HEY! Laurena Bomb-It was born. This is Laurena’s fifth year jeering for the BBS and she is thrilled to be supporting the Bombshells and all of the fierce ladies of Gotham. Go Brooklyn!!!!