Bruise Lee – Retired

Bruise-LeeBruise Lee

If you snooze you’ll Bruise!

Likes: Godzilla, beatniks, the men and women of the Hall of Justice, Halloween, playing bass, Martians

Dislikes: Clones, being locked out, the flu, moochers

Bio: Born in the backseat of the same Dodge Charger she was conceived in, during an Evel Kneivel show, as the motorcycle passed over her newborn head she somehow knew she would be a Backseat Bettie. When she was a child she recognized the shape of pom poms and a roller skate in a piece of toast giving her the singular goal to one day be a part of the Roller Derby. Her favorite colors are black and blue and she enjoys serving up knuckle sandwiches.

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