Rudey Hugstrouble

Rudey2014_200x217Rudey Hugstrouble
(full name: Rudeath Sillian Hugstrouble)
Royal Pains Co-Captain

Jammer on the one

Likes: Bodega cats, rollerskating, yoga, dancing, karaoke, derby names, popcorn, Haribo gummi bears, Guinness

Dislikes: Honey, licorice, too-cool-for-school types, bad subway etiquette

Bio: Rudey Hugstrouble hails from the rough-and-tumble Boogiedown Bronx. But these days, this Yankee fan calls “Metsville” home. Some would say Rudey has been a Royal Pain her entire life. Maybe so, but it sure is nice to get the tiara validation.

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