Cleavy Wonder

Cleavy Wonder (She/Her)

Betties Co-Captain

Kicks Don’t Lie

Likes: A chocolate chip cookie with a crisp edge that has allowed the sugar to caramelize, and a center that remains chewy. Preferably with a higher brown sugar to white sugar ratio. Must have semi sweet or dark chocolate chips.
Dislikes: Cookies with raw centers. Cookies with milk chocolate chips. Cookies made with margarine or shortening.

Bio: Cleavy Wonder is known for her high kicks & infectious smile. When not racing the other jeerleaders around the track during time outs or shaking her pom poms, Cleavy enjoys taking photos of herself doing handstands everywhere she goes. A self-proclaimed chocolate chip cookie expert, you can always count on Cleavy to tell you where the nearest place is to find a good cookie.

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