Lo Rider

Lo-RiderLo Rider

All my friends know the Lo Rider

Likes: Hydraulics, Cadillacs, surf rock, and throwing enemies overboard

Dislikes: Speed bumps, wusses, quitters, and three-hour tours

Bio: Brooklyn girl by way of Tijuana, Lo Rider found her way to the Bomb Squad while strolling along the sunny beaches of Coney Island one fine Sunday morning. While contemplating the mysteries of life, a message in a bottle washed up to shore. Inside, was a note stating that the lucky recipient has been chosen by Poseidon and the Roller Derby Gods of Destiny and Jeer, to shout, scream, jump and and pom pom shake the lovely Brooklyn Bombshells to victory. This is her first year cheering for Brooklyn and she could not be more excited. GO BROOKLYN!!!!!